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Our courses are designed to help with:

  • increasing productivity and business efficiency
  • improving employees' attitudes and morale
  • maintaining a positive company culture
  • dealing with change

Our courses include:

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Unlocking potential and equipping employees with the right skills is critical to a company’s performance and, ultimately, its success.

People are the most valuable asset of any business and investing in training and development will not only attract and keep talent, but create teams that are able to work flexibly and efficiently.

Businesses often require bespoke programmes to support employees in learning new skills and improving existing capabilities, which benefit both the individual and the wider organisation.

By working in partnership with you, our experts will identify specific training needs and use their extensive knowledge and experience to recommend the most effective ways to deliver your objectives.

Our chief goal is to provide first-class training solutions to help you develop a high-quality workforce that is ready to take full advantage of the opportunities our fast-moving business environment brings.


Microsoft Office Training Courses FAQs

How do I find out what version of Microsoft Office software I am using?

Open up Word, Excel or PowerPoint, etc., click on File, then Account and it should show the version of that product you are using. This enables us to tailor the course and manual to your particular software.

How do I find out which version of Windows I am using?

Select the Start button then Settings, System, About. Under Windows specifications, you will see which edition and version of Windows is on your device.

How will I know which level of programme is best for me?

Have a chat to us if you need to know what level would be most suitable. Alternatively, read the course outlines and see what you already feel comfortable with to assess where you are currently and what you want to know. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that you may not have learned the best or quickest way to do a specific task if you are self-taught, so you could still learn a lot at any level.

We do have an IT training needs analysis form available to help gauge current levels of potential delegates so that they can be best matched to the most appropriate level of course for their needs.

  • I just wanted to thank you for the Telephone Training you did for us. You made it fun as well as productive and it’s so nice sitting here this morning and listening to everyone answering the phone as trained. As we discussed, training is vital, but needs to be ongoing. I’m hoping we see you soon for further courses, take care till then, and again, many thanks.
    Paula (SYR Clean), Professional Telephone Techniques
  • Very relevant. Very helpful and informative and gained enough knowledge to use Excel.
    Steph, Microsoft Excel
  • Most useful to be more assertive with stubborn customers. Janet was very thorough and covered all angles, and she is a lovely lady.
    Beth, Professional Telephone Techniques
  • Useful alternative view and outside perspective. Very informative, lots of points to consider when answering calls.
    Stephen, Professional Telephone Techniques
  • How to deal with difficult customers useful. Fun and very helpful. I can see myself using these skills in the future.
    Benjamin, Professional Telephone Techniques

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