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Are you an aspiring Manager or a newly-appointed Manager?

Does it excite but worry you? Then this Fast Track Programme for New Managers is the key you need to succeed and thrive:

  • Are you worried about the transition to managing other people?
  • Do you feel excited, yet terrified in your new role, daunted by tasks and responsibilities you have never had before?
  • Do you feel out of depth, lacking in confidence, and fear being seen to be a failure in your new role (maybe even suffering from Imposter Syndrome)?
  • Are you concerned about juggling all your tasks on top of monitoring the work of your team?
  • Are you worried about not knowing how best to manage the members of your team?
  • Do you sometimes feel there is no one at work to turn to with your worries?
  • Would you find it useful to have someone on hand, external to the organisation, to discuss your concerns, issues and ideas?

If you have said yes to any of the above, then here is the programme for you:

This is an instructor-led, group training and one-to-one coaching programme, which can be run online or face-to-face, depending where you are located.  It is designed specifically to help new managers, or those who have not received any management training, lead their teams more confidently, effectively and productively. It will give you the support, tools and techniques to help you to feel more confident (and less stressed) about your role; to interact better with your team, peers, and those senior to you; to manage your team more effectively, build trust and get them to work more productively and cohesively to achieve goals.

Janet Baker 211x300 1Instructor Bio:

My name is Janet Baker and, many years ago, I was like you, a newly appointed manager. Having previously been a very successful team leader, I thought the transition would be straightforward. However, reality was very different.

The support I had been promised was not forthcoming, the team was divided, some were resentful. I felt totally out of my depth, suffered from imposter syndrome and longed for my old job. I was so stressed! Over time, I ploughed my way through the problems, gained experience amid much heartache and hard work, and met challenges face on.

Fast forward in time, I have now been a successful Training Consultant and Coach for the last 20 years, putting that knowledge and experience to good use. I have worked with people in management of all levels in a wide variety of organisations, training and coaching them to help them become more effective in their roles.

Don’t struggle through like I did. Let me pass this knowledge and experience on to you to fast track your way to being a more confident manager by giving you the tools and support you need in your new role.

What can this programme do for you and your team?

There are six training modules, plus a series of coaching sessions:

Step 1: Validation

Why you? Understanding your new role as a manager, what is expected of you and when, and feeling more confident about being in that post

Image by Katy Allison from Pixabay flip 225x300Step 2: Organisation

Recruitment of and interviewing staff, ensuring you have the “best fit” personnel in your team

Step 3: Communication:

Dealing with your team in meetings and one-to-one; online and face-to-face. Communicating in an open, friendly, and professional way, to ensure your time and their time is used most effectively, ensuring tasks are completed successfully, questions asked and answered freely and clearly. Also communicating well with other departments, peers, and senior management

Step 4: Tasks and Delegation

Managing your workload and that of your team, to ensure work is completed to standard in a timely manner

Step 5: Motivation

Working with your team to make the best use of their skills, expertise, and knowledge, getting them on board, helping improve collaboration, communication, creativity, productivity and trust and managing their performance

Step 6: Transformation

Taking it forward for the future, growing as an individual and with your team

Step 7: Coaching

Four one-hour, one-to-one coaching sessions, when you will have some private time to focus on your own specific issues

Additionally, you will have email support, to get your questions answered, and a programme Facebook group to connect with like-minded members.

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When does it start?

The next programme will run for six concurrent Wednesdays, commencing on Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 09:30hrs (UK BST), each module lasting about two hours. On completion of the training programme, you will then be invited to book four one-hour, one-to-one coaching sessions with me.

Alternatively, a second Programme will be run later on Wednesdays, commencing on Wednesday 5 October 2022, at 18:30hrs UK BST (13:30hrs EST).  Interested in this courses from overseas? Please click here to use the time zone converter.

What is the cost?

The investment in this programme is £597 per person. Only ten people will be accepted onto it, so sign up today to be part of this exciting programme!

Application deadline:

The deadline to sign up is midnight on Friday 30 September 2022.

To Enrol:

Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., fill in a booking form or phone me on 07944225290 to secure your place on this unique programme.

Fill in the booking form: Fast Track New Manager Programme Booking Form

Need help? Drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will be happy to help.

awarding certificates

Janet Baker presents certificates and gifts to Hayley Dillon and Jodie Nicklin of SYR,
two of the participants from the February 2021 programme.

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