Do you take minutes at meetings?

Let me show you a simple way to create an impact in your business productivity

By taking minutes in meetings, you will capture the essence of who said what, when, and why it matters. They serve as a vital roadmap for action items and follow-ups, ensuring that brilliant ideas don’t evaporate into thin air. They are a good system of making people accountable, nudging us to turn words into deeds and promises into results.

In a nutshell, minutes can ensure the meeting becomes a launching pad for impactful action and progress.

Add timescales

A great tip to help your minutes to be more effective is to add a “by when” date to each action. Adding a timescale to actions in minutes serves as a catalyst for accountability and progress. It provides a clear roadmap for the team, outlining specific deadlines and milestones that need to be achieved. This not only fosters a sense of urgency but also helps in prioritising tasks and managing time effectively. With a timescale, meeting participants gain a better understanding of a project’s timeline and can plan their individual contributions accordingly. Additionally, it facilitates tracking the progress of each action item, allowing for timely adjustments and ensuring that the team stays on track to meet its goals.

Most people with have two columns on their minutes’ template, one for the discussion points and one for the actions. By adding a third column “By When” facilitates the timescale option:

Try it!


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