Great tool for managing larger tasks

Today I discovered a great online tool which helps to break down complex tasks into more manageable steps.

I read about it on another site, so had to give it a go, searched for MagicToDo and found it under the website

Had to try it out, so put a fairly straightforward item “write blog for website” into the appropriate section, pressed + and within a few seconds, a list of elements appeared, breaking down the overall goal into manageable tasks.  Impressive!

I always use the “how would you eat an elephant?” (a life-size chocolate one, of course!) analogy when training people how to approach a daunting major project; with the response being along the lines of “in bite-sized pieces”.  Now this is a tool I will recommend for people to be able to sort out those bite-sized pieces.  So good!

It may not work well for everything, but it is certainly a useful weapon to have in your arsenal!

Have a look at it for yourself!  I am sure you will be impressed.