Ways to start building your confidence

Expanding your horizons, even just a little bit at a time, can help to build up your confidence. Try to do something new or different each week, no matter how small, to introduce yourself to new experiences.

Why not try any of these:

    • Shop in a different town
    • Take a different route to work
    • Start a new evening class
    • Change the style or colour of your hair
    • Start up a conversation with someone in the bus or supermarket queue
    • Learn to play a musical instrument
    • Learn to play a new sport
    • Learn some words from another language, especially if you are going to be visiting that country
    • Book a weekend away somewhere you have never visited before

These are only examples but show the types of areas you could consider to increase your confidence. Taking small “risks” will enable you to gradually work towards taking bigger chances in your life.

Go on, shake your dice!  Good luck!