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Training on Zoom and Microsoft Teams

If there is one thing in which this year has seen a massive increase, it is the use of online video calls, not just for work purposes but for socialising with friends, groups and meetings, as well as for family get-togethers.

Working online has been such a phenomenal success that many organisation are reconsidering their future plans and looking at whether any/all of their employees will need to be based in their office buildings in the longer term, or whether online working will become the new normal.  Other organisations are looking at adopting a hybrid approach, still retaining an office base but adapting to flexible working conditions for those able to spend some of the time working from home.

As there are people out there who are still not comfortable with using video technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we have been approached by various organisations to put together short training sessions to introduce staff to these programmes, to facilitate better online working practices.

We offer training courses in both Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which will give your staff a better understanding of how to use the particular software they are working with.

Zoom is better suited to online webinars and teaching, whereas Microsoft Teams is great for teams working on large, collaborative projects.

Both training courses are instructor-led, carried out online (of course!), activity-based and deliverable either one-to-one or to a group of participants, as required.

Attached are the course outlines for both courses to show what is covered in the training sessions.

Interested?  Please call Janet on 07944225290 or email [email protected] for more information or to book a course.

Introduction to Using Zoom

Microsoft Teams

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