Coaching for Managers and Leaders – helping you manage your teams more effectively

Managers have the ultimate responsibility of motivating their people and increasing productivity.  You are expected to get the most out of your people and your team at all times. Your team look to you for inspiration and support and your company looks to you for consistent results.

You are often alone with your responsibilities and though you may thrive on challenges, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You have your own career path to consider as well, which could easily be neglected when taking care of other’s priorities.

Coaching for Managers

Coaching for Managers understands the specific needs that managers have.

I have worked with leaders for over twenty years and I have seen the increasing pressure that managers are experiencing. They are expected to perform at their best and support others, while often not having training or support themselves.

I help leaders to become more effective in managing their people and to actually enjoy their role, instead of feeling burdened by it.

Coaching for Managers Programme

The Coaching for Managers programme is a combination of practical tools and advice to help you become more successful in your role and your career. It can include how to run more effective meetings, deal with difficult people, or delegate better. Beyond that, I coach you on your personal challenges and support you on your specific goals.


For more information about this unique coaching and training programme, please contact me, Janet Baker, on 07944225290 or at [email protected], or complete the form below.


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